Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists


Sector: medical education / professional membership

Project: full documentary image library

Royal College of Obs & Gynae training event.jpeg

Natural and diverse on-location photography library created to showcase and promote the work of this Royal college. Ranging from formal training, conferencing and careers fairs, through training and CPD activity to exams and award ceremonies.

Imagery has been used nationally and internationally to illustrate website and printed brochure materials and in large on-screen presentations in conference.

Professional bodies, who deal mainly with people and knowledge, can sometimes find it difficult to effectively communicate visually what makes their business different; there are no physical products and knowledge transfer is intangible. This applies to lawyers, accountants, consultants and, as here, educational establishments / professional membership organisations.

Our aim in building an image library for the Royal College of Obs & Gynae (RCOG) was to naturally capture real members and students engaged in various aspects of the college’s offering to show both considered, serious learning but also a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment in what is a competitive phase of higher-level specialisation within the medical sector.

Captured over several visits to the college over a number of years, including Head Office in Regent’s Park, London and careers fairs in Nottingham, various phases of live documentary photography were undertaken. Each opportunity was scoped together with the college’s marketing management team ahead of us being left to manage time to creatively photograph all that was required, without further unnecessary staging or interference in the activities being undertaken.

“Creative, focused, unobtrusive and with an empathy for the clients needs, Mubsta quickly grasped our brief to create a series of images that vividly brought to life the work of the Royal College”

— Nigel Moore, Director Marketing, Royal College of Obs. and Gynae.