Bletchley Park


Sector: heritage museum and education centre


  • official guidebook, website and promotional imagery gallery

  • key visitor / veteran gatherings and royal visit documentary photography

  • retail product imagery (post-cards, Monopoly, Top Trumps, Official Calendar, various books)

  • capital project / building restoration documenting


Official photography duties for this internationally renown WWII codebreaking site during pivotal transformation, growth and restoration phase from 2011 to 2016.

Bletchley Park and the work of Alan Turing in particular, amongst the many thousands who worked there in secret during WWII, are now household names. Bletchley Park is now a successful and continually expanding international heritage attraction telling the story of the codebreakers, their work, lives and achievements.

As this journey of transformation took place, we produced their official documentary photography to record, showcase and promote all that went on, from core materials such as the official guidebook to high-profile royal visits and retail products. These images continue to be used as part of the wider image library as the site continues it’s evolution, expansion and success.