Unilever plc / Goodman plc


Sector: science park / commercial property letting

Project: abstract building artwork installation


To decorate spaces and stimulate conversations, we developed a series of unique and powerful abstract photographic artworks for The Exchange building at Colworth Science Park.

Working closely with joint venture partner and main occupier at the Park, Unilever plc, out artwork was drawn from interpretation of their innovative ice-cream and beverage research and development processes.

Unilever plc is a global brand who at Colworth Park undertake cutting-edge research and development into such brands as Magnum ice-cream and Liptons tea, along with many others. Having been allowed access to their secret behind-the-scenes equipment and processes a series of abstract images were created hinting at the ingredients and machines at work to develop new products.

A selection of these single images were then interpreted further with colours and textures to create a portfolio of 22 pieces of abstract art that would be used to decorate the Reception, meeting room and corridors of the new Exchange Innovation centre building; a joint venture between Unilever plc and global property and logistics firm Goodman plc. The pieces were mainly presented on wall-mounted acrylic panels plus a full wall on vinyl panels featuring bold shapes and colours inspired by the machine that makes lollies!

The photo-artwork provided not only a bold series of pieces to counter the modern clean lines of the building but acted as a series of challenges to visitors and viewers to find out more about what they meant and to help start conversations on innovation and creativity.


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