Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is in line with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which promotes fairness and transparency for the personal data of individuals. 

As an individual viewing or requesting information or using any services or products provided on this website you consent to collection and use of such data for reasonable delivery and management of information, services and products.

Your privacy is important. No data is made available to any third parties, not directly involved in delivering the stated photography products and services, on commercial or other basis.

Who are we? 

Name : Mubsta Business Photography ( is a trading business of photographer Shaun Armstrong (me/my) and under my sole personal control.

Contact information :

What information am I collecting and why?

1- your name, address, email address only where such information is directly entered by you in any request by you for me to supply any products or services or regular information. The information helps me deliver what you have requested.

2- technical system information for data analytics related to web browsing and understanding thereof as detailed below by cookies and other accepted methods. None of this is undertaken by me directly, only trusted third parties as detailed below.

How safe is your information?

1. above is held on a local databases on password-protected devices and on sole-use password-protected Dropbox for ease of access by me via computer devices and for backup.

2. above is gathered by mainstream third party providers of services as detailed below with links if you require further information.

Retention of Data

You can request to verify and/or have any personal data 1. deleted from any/all systems under my control by email as above. I’ll be pleased to do this although I will then not be to be able to contact or supply you with any information, products or services you may have requested.

Third Party Service Providers 

The following providers help me deliver products and services as requested by you or to provide management information to me on how the site is operating. Please see links for further information as to how they use and store such data.

  • my website is powered by Squarespace who use cookies to deliver analytic summaries of website activity.

  • if I set up mailing lists from data held, only with your express permission so to do, these will be undertaken via MailChimp with the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

  • any personal banking or payment information entered to complete purchases is held via Stripe or PayPal and not seen or held by me in any way.

  • image download and licensing is undertaken via my Photoshelter service.

  • social media sites linked to on my website (Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn) are maintained by them under their own policy and any visit to them from my website is governed by their policy.  Any other links to other sites, blogs or material not under my direct control are not covered by this policy.

Changes to Policy

This policy may change from time to time. If I have your contact details and an ongoing relationship (eg. regular email list not one-off product purchases) I will advise you of any material changes. Otherwise the date of this policy will be updated and can then be considered the latest version.

Products and services formally supplied under contract by Mubsta are governed by these Terms and Conditions (indicative as latest version supplied with each Proposal and Quotation)

Shaun Armstrong - Mubsta Business Photography

September 2019